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Dear Business Partners

We continue to operate our factories while supplying our products as usual, since Karbosan products are consumed in several critical industrial applications in various economies.

• Out of urgent cases, no visitors are accepted to our facilities and employee recruitments are stopped.

• Unless extreme necessity, customer visits are not taking place. An intense support is given by email and phone for our customers.

• Employees over 60 years old, ones having chronic diseases or signs of illnesses are given administrative permission.

• We have provided the opportunity to work from home to all our staff who can do their work remotely.

• We measure body temperature of all employees and visitors at the entrances and ensure that those who is above 37.5 degrees are transferred to the nearest health institution.

• We disinfected the common areas of our employees with nano-technological disinfectants and continue to clean with special equipment every evening.

• We distribute masks and gloves to our employees for use within the factories and shuttle services.

• We encourage our employees to come to work with their private vehicles, by paying for road charges in order to reduce the intensity of shuttle services.

We disinfect all doors, door handles and handrails in our factory with disinfectant continuously throughout the day.

Starting from the factory entrance, we placed hand disinfectants in all common areas.

• We reduced the number of staff working in our offices and created new work areas for our employees.

• We started to use disposable materials with special packaging in the lunch hall. We have reorganized the seating arrangement and the diluted the number of chairs.

• We placed visuals on the display boards in order to raise the awareness of our employees.

As Karbosan, we take the necessary precautions for our employees and your health.