Grinding Discs for Inox

Product Description

Karbosan inox grinding discs are specially manufactured for grinding and deburring of certain stainless steel alloys. Its abrasive content is a more special aluminum oxide abrasive.

They are recommended to be generally preferred for grinding AISI 304, 316 and 316 L grade stainless steels. Materials such as stainless steel ( inox ) profile, stainless steel ( inox ) box profile, stainless steel ( inox ) flat bars and rods made of such materials can be easily grinded with Inox grinding discs.

They are softer grinding discs compared to standard metal grinding discs and when material removal resistance of stainless materials is taken into consideration, they ensure that material removal process is carried out conveniently without resisting to the material too much and keeping the impact of heat is at the minimum level during grinding. They are preferred in grinding and deburring processes of stainless steel cast ( inox ) parts too.

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