ZA Grinding Discs for Cast Iron

Product Description

Karbosan brand zirconium grinding and deburring discs are grinding discs which contain zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide abrasive mixture. Zirconium oxide is also named as zirconia.

Zirconia demonstrates a more aggressive material removal action when compared to silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. Due to this feature, it demonstrates high performance in grinding and deburring operations on cast pieces which have higher tensile strength. These abrasives are more durable than other known abrasives due to the atomic structure of zirconia.

They are recommended for grinding of all nodular cast pieces and certain steel cast pieces.

Having a high wear resistance, with the Zirconia content, they remove more material per unit time and have a longer abrasive life compared to aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives. They can continue material removal without getting blunt.

Product Performance

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