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Grinding and Cutting Discs with Organic Bond

Grinding Discs

Karbosan grinding and deburring discs are available in a wide range accroding to the needs of companies and grinding operators that process metal intensively as their main business.

They are available in diameters of 100 mm., 115 mm., 125 mm., 180 mm., 230 mm and thicknesses such as 6.4 mm., 8.0 mm., 10 mm for portable power grinding machines and angle grinding machines.

Karbosan grinding and deburring discs offer suitable solutions for sectors which demand higher material removal such as foundries and shipyards in addition to the standard products that are manufactured for grinding a great number of materials such as general purpose metal grinding processes, grinding of welding seams and welding burrs, grinding of cast materials, grinding of stainless steel ( inox ) and aluminum materials.

Karbosan grinding and deburring discs are safe. All Karbosan brand abrasive products are manufactured and tested according to OSA standards.