About us


Karbosan, Turkey’s first manufacturer of bonded abrasive products, started its production activities in Istanbul Halkalı in 1967 with a workforce of 40 employees, established on an area of 9.000 m2.

Today, a total of 570 employees and 95.000 m2 area, Istanbul Halkalı and Tekirdağ Çerkezköy factories are offering quality, reliable and high performance products to more than 75 countries in 6 continents.

Thanks to the investments in innovation and R&D studies, Karbosan has a wide range of products for perfect surfaces.

With 54 years of experience in production of high quality bonded abrasive products, Karbosan has built on its system to meet the needs and expectations of its customers with high performance, from raw material supply to after-sales services.

Karbosan is the first company in Turkey to produce bonded abrasives according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the first Turkish company to be a member of European Abrasive Manufacturers Federation (FEPA) and Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) with high quality production.

The quality of Karbosan product range is certified by Turkish Standards Institute as TS EN 12413 for bonded abrasives and TS EN 13743 for coated abrasives.

Karbosan takes into consideration the environmental impacts and in every step from the raw material to the delivery of the product to the customers makes its production delicate to the nature according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management system.

Karbosan, the first Turkish company that produces abrasive products, was founded.

Started production in bonded abrasive industry with 40 workers at its 9.000 m2 covered area factory in Halkalı, İstanbul.


Karbosan, the first company in Turkey that produces vitrified, resin and magnesit bonded abrasive pr

The first company in Turkey that produces vitrified and resin bonded abrasive products.


Karbosan, the first company producing abrasive products in Turkey according to ISO Quality Managemen

The first company producing abrasive products in Turkey according to ISO Quality Management System.


Karbosan, the first company that was entitled to be a member of FEPA, Federation of European Produce

The first company that was entitled to be a member of FEPA, Federation of European Producers of Abrasives.


Karbosan, the first abrasive factory in Turkey that was entitled to be a member of OSA

The first abrasive factory in Turkey that was entitled to be a member of OSA, Organization of Safety of Abrasives.


Karbosan established one of the most modern factories of coated abrasives production in the world.

Karbosan established one of the world’s most modern factories for coated abrasives production, located in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ.


Karbosan is the leader company of the abrasive industry in Turkey since 1967.

Karbosan is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a strong player in abrasive industry.


Principle and Policy

Our Policy

Karbosan’s policy is an approach that covers relationship management, production and quality control processes as a whole, as well as product and service quality, and effective leadership of our senior management has been adopted in all processes from raw material procurement to after-sales stages.

It is our basic principle to produce products that can meet the current and potential needs of our customers, and our primary goal is to maximize the quality of our brands in national and international markets and to expand our markets.

It is the building block of our policy to follow and implement technological developments and to support continuous improvement studies in order to create an effective control and monitoring opportunity by using modern management information systems and to ensure the improvement of product reliability and safety.

In order to ensure our customer-oriented quality understanding, we attach special importance to providing all kinds of training opportunities and resources to our employees, and to the complete fulfillment of occupational health and safety requirements in the working environment.

Our primary goal is to improve environmental awareness, to reduce waste and to make it harmless, to prioritize the environmental factor in planned investments, and to fulfill legal and compliance obligations.

Our main goals are to try to achieve the most suitable product and the highest efficiency with the pre- and post-sales technical support provided to raise our customers' technical awareness and to maintain customer satisfaction.

In order to realize these principles, our management undertakes to comply with the management system conditions, applicable legal and customer requirements, and to continuously improve our system within the framework of this policy carried out in our company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an honest and continously growing,  leader company that gives dignity to our country and its people and that cares environmental values and social culture.