• Karbosan with all employees

    Creates family synergy that brings together high
    quality service, innovative thinking and
    quality-focused approach.


Human Resources Principles

The human resources management approach employed within Karbosan Zımpara Taşı San. A.Ş. responds to the specific business requirements of each industry. The design and implementation of these practices are devised to support strategic objectives.

Attracting and Recruiting the Best Talent

• Be the employer of choice for top talent;
• Meet the future workforce needs of the Karbosan through a global and proactive recruiting perspective.

Building Organizational Capability

The priorities of Human Resources Management are to:

• Continuously assess and review organizational capability, people, systems and processes and, if necessary, to restructure in support of the success of the Karbosan;
• Identify and assess high-potential employees and develop their careers based on the future needs of the Karbosan;
• Enhance mobility within the Karbosan through assignments, transfers and rotation for employee and organizational development.

Reward and Recognition

Human Resources Management strives to:

• Offer a competitive compensation package to attract top talent and strengthen the commitment of existing employees;
• Encourage accountability;
• Reward outstanding employee contributions and performance;
• Provide a level of compensation to employees commensurate with their responsibilities and the value added to the 

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