• We care about the future
    and young people

    We support our young people in every field
    with the importance we give to education and the future.


Our Sectoral and Social Services

We are working with the awareness of responsibility while improving our quality and capacity with the goal of being the pioneer abrasive manufacturer of Turkey throughout the world; we are aiming to add value to our employees, consumers, customers, society, environment, economy and youth.

We pay attention to realize social projects in favor of our sector and to the world we live in for the sake of our society with the efforts we carry out and plan in this respect.

We are progressing in our sector for 50 years with the principle of sustainability and stability and we contribute to the national economy with our investments.

While offering the consumers easily accessible high quality products with affordable prices throughout the world, we also provide the best service satisfying the requirements of our customers.

We provide professional consultancy and training services to our users in the sector.

We give priority to the development of young people according to their abilities in corporate social awareness projects. We also  support to the development of the society through our cultural,art, trainin and athletic projects.

Karbosan Technical Support Unit

Technical support unit of Karbosan is comprised of professional engineers who are super experienced in abrasive products and the material types employed in them.

Our engineers determine the material and machine types that are used according to the changing requirements of the companies and carry out required reporting within scope of Karbosan technical support program and offer the most suitable abrasive options in terms of pricing, quality and performance.

While Karbosan minimizes abrasive product costs of your enterprise through technical support services, it also provides contribution to accelerate your production.


Supporting the Projects Addressed to Technical Universities

We pay attention to the future achievements of our young people who study in engineering faculties, by putting their theoretical training into practice. We are sharing the privilege of producing and creating with our youth.

We support the young brains in every aspect with sponsorships we assume on various subject and trainee and employment possibilities we offer to the students.

Within this scope, in the result of the work we cooperated with Yıldız Technical University and we developed YTU Karbosan 06 racing car with the efforts of our young engineers who study in various fields. We shared the success of our students in the most important engineering contests of the world.


Support for Cultural and Sports Activities

Karbosan believes that cultural and sports activities are connective for the society at every level, therefore, it supports the sports clubs with stadium advertisements which solely support the local clubs.

We supply for the material needs of the surrounding primary and secondary schools and we share our love in sports with students from all ages. We support the cultural activities of our students of young ages through painting contests we organize with awards.

Karbosan encourages every employee from all ages for sports with the traditional football and table tennis competitions organized by the HR unit.