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The Definitive Solution for Cutting: Karbosan

Karbosan Cutting Discs are High-Performance, Long-Lasting and Reliable for all Material Types.

Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary in the Abrasive Products Industry

We would like to thank all our users who supported us in our quality journey by choosing Karbosan products.

Shape your Dreams

Shape your dreams with Karbosan, who has been producing abrasive products for more than 50 years.

Our Product Catalog

Has Been Renewed Download our new catalog for much more about our products and abrasives.

Make Your Job Easier

With its wide product range and rich options, Karbosan abrasives products make your job easier.

Karbosan; Safe, Fast, Long-Lasting Discs

Make your work comfortable with Karbosan stainless steel (inox) cutting discs.

First Choice of more than 90 Countries on 6 Continents!

Karbosan, Turkey's first abrasive products manufacturer, started its production activities in 1967.

Consult an Expert

The suitability of abrasive products according to material and machine type is very important in terms of performance, product life and ease of application. Karbosan Technical Support Unit provides consultancy services to businesses and our valuable masters in this regard. Please contact us for the use of abrasive products, requests for suitable products by material type and other questions.

Calculation Tools

Calculate the optimal speed, tool diameter or cutting speed.

Optimal Find Product

You can quickly find the most suitable Karbosan branded abrasive product according to the process you will do, the product form you want to use during the application, the type of material and your machine, and compare it with the equivalent products. For more detailed information requests, you can contact Karbosan technical support unit at Pazarlama@karbosan.com.tr.


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Choosing The Right Material And Safe Use Trainings

Contact us for the trainings given by the Karbosan marketing team.

Karbosan News

Follow us for new products, news activities and announcements.